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Computer Consulting in New York

For most small businesses, it just isn't practical to employ a full time network administrator and database administrator. They either can't afford it or the number of changes they require to their email or database servers isn't enough to justify the expense. An outside computer consultant allows you to have an expert configure and maintain your servers, but greatly reduces the cost since you only pay them as needed. Monarch Inc. offers a wide variety of computer consulting services such as:

  • Email Server Consulting
    • We specialize in installing, configuring, and maintaining hMailServer - a free email server for Windows that outperforms most commercial software on the market.
    • Assurance that your server is secure and not an open relay
    • The following tools to make sure that SPAM never makes it into your inbox:
      • SpamAssassin
      • ASSP
      • SPF
      • DNS Black Lists
      • Tarpitting
    • Webmail
    • Anti-virus
  • Web Server Consulting
    • Setup and configuration of web servers including Apache and Microsoft IIS
    • Obtaining and installing SSL certificates to secure your web sites
    • Configuring web servers to securely run CGI and scripting languages like PHP and ASP
    • Installation and configuration of mod_rewrite for Apache or similar ISAPI filters for IIS to help increase search engine rankings and website spider-friendliness.
    • Custom 404 (page not found) error pages
  • Database Server Consulting
    • MySql, Microsoft SQL Server, and other databases
    • Installation and configuration
    • Performance tuning, query optimization and index creation
    • Setup and schedule backups
    • Create full database maintanence plans including transaction log backups, removing unused space, rebuilding indexes, checking and repairing databases
  • DNS Server Consulting
    • Setup of primary and secondary DNS servers to manage DNS for all your domains
    • Creation of all A, NS, MX, TXT, and CNAME (alias) entries required for each of your domains
    • Setting up SPF entries to make sure your emails are not blocked by mail servers that are using SPF to filter SPAM.