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Custom Software Development

We customize software applications for organizations that either currently do not have systems in place, or are experiencing problems with the antiquated or ineffective systems they presently have. Do you use an outdated, possibly DOS-based computer application to run your business? We are experts at upgrading these older legacy systems to custom-designed modern Windows-based software. We focus on user-friendly interfaces that are easy to use even for inexperienced computer users.

Do any of the following questions apply to you? If so, we can create custom software designed for the way you do business, not the way some software giant tells you to.

Do spend an excessive amount of time performing most of your work by hand?
  • Our Business Process Automation experts can create a custom software package to run all aspects of your business through a single application.
Are you looking for a way to better serve your customers? Do you want to increase productivity and collaboration within your organization? Are you having trouble keeping track of your inventory? Can your inventory system communicate with your ecommerce site? Or, do you use an outside vendor and are unable to communicate directly with their systems? Does your business involve managing stacks of paper and maintaining filing cabinets?