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The Monarch Advantage

Here at Monarch, Inc., we are passionate about finding ways to help businesses run better. Instead of telling our customers how to perform their business, we take the time come to your office and watch the way you do business. We ask you what changes you would like to make and suggest improvements based on our years of experience with other small businesses on Long Island and in the New York Metropolitan Area. A customized software program from Monarch Inc. will help you:
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Automate tasks you now perform manually
  • Reduce amounts of paper used

Why Monarch Inc.?

With all the pre-packaged software there is on the market, why should I hire Monarch Inc. to create custom software for my business?
  • Big companies like Microsoft and Computer Associates design their software according to certain business stereotypes, which in reality may not meet the needs of your individual business.
  • Pre-packaged software often doesn't include all of the features you need, and usually incorporates many features you will never use.
  • Why pay for functionality you don't use? Monarch custom builds software containing only the necessary features to reach your individual goals.
How is a Monarch Inc. custom-built website better than the templates offered by websites and stores for low monthly fees?
  • The question really is, what are you getting for that low monthly fee? A cookie-cutter website that will be almost identical to every other company using that service provider.
  • Companies offering template websites try to "be all things to all people", therefore you have very little room to customize your website.
  • We take the time to understand the way you want your website to function, and use that knowledge to provide you with a unique web presence that includes custom functions designed to meet your particular needs.